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On The Go Glue💕


Introducing my Clear Wig Adhesive/glue, perfect travel size tube, designed for lace touch ups/lace lifting on the go and wig installs with a clean & easy application for beginners and professionals! Hold can last 2-4 weeks. Fast drying on application. 

- Waterproof & Sweatproof.

Ingredients: acrylic adhesive, isopropanol, ethyl acetate, heptane, tolunene.

Directions: clean area with alcohol and apply a small amount of the glue and glide product with tip applicator & repeat 2-3 times, wait 20-30 seconds and lay wig lace down. 

Store in cool place below 90 degrees. Disclaimer: read ingredients and TEST on skin before use, not everyone’s skin is the same and all have different body chemistry and some are oily than others which can vary the hold of the glue, we are not held responsible for any allergic reactions. 

Text 347-283-5156 to place an order.
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